Question: If the world will be destroy,which type of natural disaster will destroy the world in future?

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  1. Hi amg7,

    The Earth i going to be destroyed by the Sun. We know that. In som 3 billion years the sun would be a Giant Red Star whose radius would be almost as big as the Earth’s orbit radius.

    Other possibilities, but way more remote, are large asteroid impact. But the asteroid should even bigger than Mars. And it looks like this is not really likely.


  2. Hi!
    I agree with Daniel as his answer pretty much covers all of it in terms of possible causes for world’s destruction.

    I was actually wondering if you meant the world as in the planet Earth or more like the human race?
    Obviously destroying the human race would be much easier than destroying the entire planet! If you think of really big mass extinctions like the one of the dinosaurs (and apart from the most well-known hypothesis of the asteroid, we’re still not entirely sure what caused that one!), the Earth itself survived and recovered from that catastrophic event.

    Also if we think of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms, etc… it would be pretty hard for one (or even a combination of them) to destroy all the life on the planet and especially the planet itself. They could probably still have enormous impacts locally, but most likely not everywhere around the globe.


  3. I think destroying humanity is comparably easy, because we rely on so many fragile things. And the most important one is the atmosphere. A series of very strong volcanic eruptions would influence our climate so much, that we could face years and years of low temperatures and crop failures which could eventually threaten ourselves.

    But let’s not hope for this to happen… 😉


  4. Hi Amg7,

    Let me explain a bit more what Daniel means. He is right that the only thing that could really destroy the entire earth is the sun or a giant asteroid.

    Of course you know that the sun is using a lot of energy to shine and give warmth. The sun is now about halfway through its total amount of energy that it is having, which means that there is another 3-5 billion years of sunshine left before all its energy is gone and the sun will die. When it dies it will actually first swell up to become a red giant, before imploding in something small and cooling off. It will swell up so much that the inner planets, so also our earth will be taken up by the size of the sun. So, naturally the earth will burn and melt then, and it actually will probably mean the end of our solar system as we know it. luckily this moment is still very far away!


  5. These guys are all right and have answered your question really well!

    i have one other thing to add….

    If we destroy the atmosphere, then we destroy the Earth. The ozone and the atmosphere protects Earth from the heat that is coming out of the sun. If we lost the atmosphere, then all the water on earth would boil away! without water, we can have no plants and no animals and no humans. Earth would be barren like Mars!