Question: How do you think the world will change in about 50 years?

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  1. Hi!
    That’s a really good question, but also really hard to answer!
    Things also depend a lot on what we will do in the next few years, so for example if we are going to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn and emit fewer greenhouse gasses. There are a lot of different scenarios with predictions of future climate, they are summarised every 5 years in the IPCC report.
    Outside the climate perspective there are so many other aspects to take into account, like wars that might develop, or epidemics. It’s really hard to know what to expect.
    Another problem to consider are the non-renewable sources of energy and unless we move to a more sustainable economy some of them could start running out in 50 years time.
    So it’s really hard to tell how the world will look like in 50 year, but it depends a lot on us!


  2. Hi catalinaa99,

    Alice is right. To be trueth our best option is that the world has change very few, it would mean that we had done our best into keeping it on shape.


  3. I think the world will definitely change in the next 50 years…

    I think technology will get better and maybe people will start to work together to limit climate change and to use better sources of energy for sure. but maybe the actual planet will have changed by then too?? maybe all the ice caps will have melted and so only cities on high ground will still exist? there will be no london and no new york and no paris! instead everyone will live in the alps and the rockies and scotland!

    what do you think?