Question: Earth pollution can destroy the human race? Or can cause major changes in climate?

  1. Hi Ancapavel,

    It depends of course on what you call pollution, but if you consider for example all the release of CO2 into the atmosphere by humans as pollution, than pollution is the number one cause for climate change! If pollution could destroy the human race I find difficult to say, but it definitely affects it. Think for example of all the mouth caps people are wearing in Asian cities because the air is so polluted through traffic and industry, or babies in Africa dying of polluted water. We also, need to clean our water thoroughly before we can drink it or we will get sick as well.

    If we keep polluting our atmosphere with CO2 and the earth keeps warming I foresee more and more droughts, floods, heat waves, storms, hurricanes etc. all result of global warming. Maybe it won’t kill us all but I’m sure it will cause huge global problems and many deaths if we don’t start acting soon…

    what do you think: is global warming a major problem? or is everybody overreacting?



  2. Hi Ancapavel,

    As Bas says it depends on the amount of pollution. But I would say that making of our planet a Mad Max world won’t help in our surviving expectancy as species. Global warming is a great challenge, but do not forget that nuclear waste or chemicals are also a source of contamination that may kill us quicker than global warming.


  3. Hi!
    I agree with the answers from Bas and Daniel, I just wanted to add plastic among the mentioned forms of pollution. According to the latest numbers there are about 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the ocean. This number is so big that I’m not even sure if I can write it!! Plastic has catastrophic effects on marine life and potentially also on the chemical composition of seawater. And these numbers just keep increasing.
    This is a really cool website that tells you where plastic would end up if you dumped it in a certain place in the ocean:

    So maybe it won’t be pollution that destroys the human race, but polluting our environment definitely won’t help us in any way!


  4. great answers from everyone! 🙂


  5. Hi ancapavel23,

    Yes, and it already does. The pollution and emission of greenhouse gases influences the climate a lot, and this is not a theory, but a fact. By rising temperatures, it threatens us by rising sea levels already today. But also pollution in big cities (smog) decreases the quality of breathable air. It’s hard to tell what will fatally threaten the human race in the end, but a destroyed habitat is a quite big thing. But let’s hope that this doesn’t happen in the near future. Or ever.

    All the best,