Question: How did Earth and other planets form?

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  1. this is a rally tough question!

    Are you happy with the idea of “the big bang”?

    well, once the big bang happened, there were trillions and trillions of loose atoms all over the universe which had been created during this event. As time went by, these atoms started to group or cluster together. As these clusters got bigger they would attract more atoms to them and so they got even bigger. Some of these clusters would smash into each other and this might join them together or rip them all apart. Very gradually, over an unbelievable amount of time, these clusters became the planets we know today. all the planets would have been super hot and all the materials on them would have been molten to begin with due to all the collisions and the reactions happening between the atoms. But gradually, the surface of the planets began to cool down as it lost heat to the space around it. This cooling would have produced the first crust on the planet, a bit like what we have today. Over an even longer time, the planets settled down into the sizes, shapes and behaviors that we know of them today.

    phew! that was hard! I hope it helped? Maybe Alice and Andi can add some more?