Question: What do you think of music like Ed Sheeran's songs?

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  1. I think he has a nice voice and he writes songs that tell stories that everyone has experienced.

    but for me, I prefer music that is a bit more bouncy so I can dance to it! 🙂

    what about you?


  2. Hi catalinaa99,

    I know Ed Sheeran from the radio and some soundtrack I guess? I personally prefer rock music. 😉



  3. Hi!
    I like Ed Sheeran, my favourite song of his is The A Team. I do like that type of music, but I generally listen to a bit of everything.
    When I’m at work I often listen to the radio so Ed Sheeran definitely comes up quite frequently these days 😀



  1. I love all of his songs! I am kinda addicted to his songs.