Thanks from your winner – Andi!

The last two weeks have been amazing. Being able to take part in the 2015 zone of “I’m a Geoscientist” felt great, and being in the finals and even winning this event was an honor. This competition was full of enthusiasm, great questions and pleasant chats. It was a pleasure to talk about everyday work, to share my knowledge and opinions, and to explain how our detail work may provide small answers to big scientific questions.

I learned a lot! I learned from the other contestants, from finding answers to challenging questions, and also from the students! The topics we discussed ranged from how to become a scientist – which I rather expected – to climate change and earthquakes – which I loved to explain – to details of black holes, the Higg’s bosom and parallel universes – which is, well, beyond my knowledge!

Communicating science to the broad public and especially to future generations is one of the big tasks every scientist should feel called to. And being engaged in this dynamic online competition makes this important task funny and laid-back.

I would really like to thank the students for being so inspiring and patient. Thanks to my competitors Rhian, Ally, Daniel and Bas for the good vibes and thanks the “I’m a Geoscientist” team for the effort you put into these events. I wish you all the best for the future and I’m sure that the students make renowned scientists, world-class engineers and famous artists if they follow their passion.

Thank you for letting me talk about my passion: the Earth.

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  1. ammy2001 says:

    I also want to thank you for your answer and for your patience.

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