Question: Do you think music influence the way we work? Do you listen to music when you are working?

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  1. Hi catalina99,

    In addition to Geology I studied a professional degree in classical music. So my life is very related with music. I play clarinet in my free time. And during my job time I listen music most of the time, it helps me to be concentrated. I listen about 6 hours of music per day!! But I know that not all the people gets concentrated better when they work. You need to evaluate yourself, and discover if silence or music works better to get the best results.


  2. Hi!
    I almost always listen to music while I’m working, especially if I donpt want to be distracted by other people or the noise around me. It really helps me concentrate and more simply, I just really like it!
    So yes, it probably does influence the way we work. Sometimes I find myself dancing a little on my chair while I’m working…so probably my colleagues think I’m a little crazy! 😀


  3. I do listen to music when i am working! I used to be in a very busy office so i, like Alice, used music to block out the other noise. Now i have my own office and actually it’s a bit lonely so i like to listen to music for company… i miss my old friends and my old office, even the noise!

    I do have to listen to music that doesn’t distract me though, i can’t have the radio on as they talk too much.

    what do you listen to?