Question: Hello, I'm Maria..... Have you ever thought to another job?

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  1. Hi Maria, nice to meet you!
    Yes, I have thought about other jobs, especially just after high school. I actually started studying biomedical engineering at university, before realising that it wasn’t the best choice for me.
    I still think that’s a very interesting and extremely important field, but I found out that I was better at other things and I remembered how much I enjoyed geoscience-related subjects at school and decided that I wanted to specialise more in oceanography and climate. So I continued university in a different faculty, environmental sciences. That’s when I started studying geoscience-related subjects more in detail.
    Now I think I’d like to carry on with a research career as a geoscientist, either at a university or in a research institute. But I would also like the idea of working for an environmental agency or a surveying company, so maybe I’ll do that one day!


  2. Hi Maria,

    I am pretty sure that I have always wanted to be a scientist. I could thing in other possibilities when I was at high school, especially in things related with creativity (art, filming) but it was not too serious. If I can choose another job I’d love to be an astronaut, no kidding.


  3. many many times! 🙂 I love my job, but sometimes it can be very stressful and so i wonder about what i would do instead. but then i always remember how much i really love my job so i could never leave 🙂

    maybe if i had to, i would liek to run a business where i make things by hand and then sell them? like knitting and sewing! 🙂

    but also i love education, so even if i wasn’t based at the university, i would still be teaching somehow!



  1. It’s great ! 🙂