Question: Do you think Pluto is a planet? Why?

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  1. Hi!
    I think it depends on what distinction you make.
    Pluto used to be considered the smallest planet in the solar system. Then it was re-classified as a “dwarf planet” instead. That was revised again and Pluto has been defined as a “Kuiper Belt” for a while because apparently even if it orbits around the Sun like all the other planets, it’s too small to have cleared the space around its orbit.
    But apparently this definition has been re-defined once again more recently, with a more broader version of it, which means that Pluto should be names a planet again.


  2. Hi aard1,

    The point is what should be called a “planet”?. It is just a definition, so we choose what is what we called planets or not. Astrophysicist seem to like to discuss this topic a lot. But I understand the controversy, Pluto is smaller than Moon. In any case, just think that Jupiter and Earth has only one thing in common they turn around of the sun in an orbit which is approximately in the same plane. And Pluto does not fit on that…


  3. Pluto is really pretty small compared to the planets in our solar system, so I think the decision to exclude Pluto is okay (and as the others said, it is really just a convention). But I grew up learning that Pluto is the ninth planet and I always forget that it’s “only eight” today…


  4. Pluto will always be a planet to me! It was a planet when I was a child and so I don’t want to agree with NASA and the other scientists who have made is a smaller object!

    Pluto forever! 😀