Question: Do you think that the planetary alignment really has an influence on the people?

  1. Hi!
    No, I don’t think it does. That probably sounds more like astrology rather then astronomy.
    I’ve actually recently read that there was a story going around about a planets’ alignment on 4th January 2015 which would have made people weigh less and float around for about 5 minutes!
    Well, clearly that didn’t happen and it was some kind of April fool’s joke…but it would have been fun, right?!


  2. Hi andy25!

    I also don’t believe in astrology. That’s so weird and lots of stuff is just made up. Although it’s sometimes funny to read the horoscopes and laugh about what you’re advised to do…


  3. I think it would be cool if it did impact on people, but i think probably they don’t. sorry!