Question: It is possible that in the near future a volcanic blast surround the Earth twice just like 1883 eruption of Krakatau Volcano?

  1. jonnyxy,

    If it happened once it can happen again. I am not an expert, but in fact Krakatau is not among the largest volcano explosions ever. It is very known because it is historical, but nothing compared with some other supervolcanoes.


  2. Hi jonnyx7,

    Speaking of the “near future” is always a bit difficult, because a lot of factors play a role in volcanic eruptions, so we would not know exactly when such an explosive eruption would happen. But it is definitively possible, yes.



  3. Hi Johnny,

    Of course Krakatau was a big eruption, but with many of those kind of big eruptions it happened that ash got blown high enough in the atmosphere to be able to go around the earth twice. For us geologists, 130 years is nothing, so Krakatau happened very recently and we know many volcanoes that were just as big. The only problem is there is not a kind of system to them when they erupt, so it can happen next year, or not for another thousand years, who knows. But for sure an eruption like that will happen again. Hopefully we won’t be there anymore, or actually…would be pretty cool to see the earth go dark right?!


  4. Yellowstone NAtional Park is sitting on top of a supervolcano which is allegedly late in erupting! if this erupted, then the ash would definitely be sent all around the world! But there are definitely other volcanoes that could erupt the same way!


  5. And what if more than one volcano in different parts of the world erupted close enough in time?!
    That’s another option…
    So yes, I agree with the others. It’s definitely possible and it will probably happen again some day, but we don’t know when.
    Big volcanic eruptions happened before and they will happen again, as long as there are active volcanic systems.