Question: Do you think that in the future might make a tunnel for shuttles to build a ship with which we could make a trip to the Andromeda Galaxy?

  1. Hi johnyx7,

    That sounds pretty much sci-fi style. Up to now we have no clue of the existance of any kind of wormhole that could teleport us to other places in the universe. I know it is a basic style in sci-fi, because otherwise they need to use spacecrafts traveling faster than lightspeed, and that violates physics!!


  2. Hi jonnyx7,

    We would definetively need warp drive for that. Or a TARDIS. Otherwise we won’t be able to see it in our lives… We just don’t live long enough.

    With real science (sorry, no warp drive or TARDIS traveling) it will be incredibly difficult. But predicting the future? Anything can happen. Well, maybe almost.

    All the best,


  3. that would be awesome! maybe this won’t happen in my life time bu maybe you could be the scientists to develop the technology we need?? 😀



  1. Thanks for your answers!