Question: All of us imagine that one day we'll be out of gases or oil and we try to use more alternative energy. What happens to the Earth when we'll be out of gases or oil?

  1. Hi!
    I think the Earth would be ok even without oil and gas. In time (quite long, though) some of these resources would also regenerate. So basically I don’t think the Earth itself would miss them! But us as humans would probably be a bit more in trouble…
    What we could do is switch to the use of more renewable energy from now and rely less on oil and gas. This way they wouldn’t run out that soon.
    I think the point is that if/when they run out they will just be over. And that’s it. We’ll just have to live without them and find other alternatives.


  2. I agree with Alice. The Earth doesn’t need oil and gas to survive and neither do animals! only humans need oil and gas, so if it runs out, our current lifestyles will have to change. we need to prepare for this soon so that we can develop new technologies!



  1. But it will not occur events like earthquakes because of the gaps leaved by the gas that we extracted?


  2. Oh I see what you mean and that’s a good point. However, we are not extracting all of these resources at the same time. So if right now we took all the gas and oil away, all at the same time, then probably there would be gaps which cause instabilities and maybe earthquakes and who knows what else. But this is not the case, so the Earth has enough time to stabilise. Also, it hasn’t been fully demonstrated yet (even if it seems very likely) that it’s the extraction of oil and gas that has been causing earthquakes.