Question: Did you receive any award so far?

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  1. Hehehe,

    Yes I have gotten some, but none of them was very important. I got an award saying that was among the top 5 geology students in Spain and the best PhD of the year in geology of the University of Salamanca. I got also an award of the best photo in a congress in the Netherlands. But none of this awards is comparable to win I’m a Geoscientist 2015!!!


  2. Hi!
    Yes, I also got a couple of awards, mainly for making nice posters at conferences, none of them very important! But it’s still always nice to get them 🙂
    One of mine was actually a really nice drawing in a frame which is now on my desk.


  3. I got an award when I finished university for showing hard work, enthusiasm and determination! 🙂 it was really a prize to say well done for trying because I wasn’t the best student. but I love that award and it meant a lot to me as i really did work hard! i was very proud!

    have you won any awards yet?



  1. Good luck with this contest! About that congress in the Netherlands,What camera did you use?


  2. Hi amg7,

    A simple and old compact camera!