Question: Have you ever thought that maybe someday you will become as known as Stephen Hawking or another scientist, for your area? What do you think of that?

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  1. Mmm…most likely not! He’s such a brilliant mind!
    Actually I don’t really want to be famous…but it would be really cool to discover something new and amazing! Especially if it was something useful for other people, too.


  2. Hi catalinaa99,

    In fact, I do not want to be very “famous”. I would be very happy if at the end of my life some research in which I participate becomes important.

    In any case Stephen Hawking became so famous because he did pretty well something communicate how important were his discoveries. Some times the scientists forget that we need to communicate to the rest of the world what we do and in very easy words. Once a french scientist from the XVI century said “If you cannot explain it simply, then you have not understood well enough”


  3. Well, who knows! but of course it is very unlikely, because there are just very very few brilliant minds like Stephen Hawking. Or actually it is more like Daniel said, there are very few of such brilliant minds that can still explain their findings in such easy language that it is still understandable for most people. I also think that this is one of the biggest challenges in science, and many scientist forget to do it. That’s why it is so great that you are asking all these difficult questions to us, because now we need to (try to) explain the things we know in a way that also you will understand it.


  4. that would be pretty cool for sure! 🙂

    I like teaching people about my subject, and that could be through books, lectures, tv or radio! I have already done a little bit of TV work in Wales as I can speak Welsh! so you never know….!

    I am very happy with my life as it is now though so I won’t worry if I don’t become the next Stephen Hawking… maybe it will be you instead?