Question: What mark did you get to study your career?

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  1. Hi suagaj1,

    my marks in school were good, but (unfortunately…) not excellent. 🙂

    All the best,


  2. Hi!
    I always did pretty well in school, but I was never the first of the class and I was never good at all subjects.
    What I mean is that you don’t need to be good at everything to carry on studying, going to university and maybe one day do a PhD. You really don’t need to be a genius to do that!
    What is really important is to find subjects that you’re passionate about and something that you really want to learn more about. This will help you a lot!
    Of course you should try to do your best to get good final marks since some universities will require certain scores for admission, but I don’t think there are specific marks that you need if you want to become a scientist.


  3. I was very good at school, but does it really matter?

    Einstein was terrible at school!!


  4. Good grades are important if you want to study a subject at school or university. But we do understand that sometimes people get bad grades when it isn’t their fault. So if you are passionate about learning a subject you should work hard and show everyone that you are awesome and passionate!

    I realised at university that I wanted to a be a volcanologist and unfourtunately this is a really competitive subject so you need to prove why you are the best. I knew that i needed to get a 1st class degree (the best mark possible!) but I wasn’t sure if I would manage it. So I made sure I had lots of other things on my record that showed that I was a good student just incase I didn’t get the grades I needed. I went to the USA to do a 6 week field trip on volcanoes and made sure all my projects were focused onto volcanoes. It worked as I got my place! 🙂