Question: What was the most dangerous situation you were in?

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  1. Hi Iostan,

    Please take a look at the 5th picture that i have put in my profile called ‘fieldwork can take you to great heights’. That’s of course true, and it’s one of the things i like most about it, but it can also be pretty dangerous! As you can see in the picture, at that point we were quite ok, but the climb to that point was very steep and slippery, with many loose rocks, so yes, quite tricky. But hey, we wanted to see those rocks at the top and then sometimes you have to take a bit of a risk. In the end the rocks, and the view were all worth it, and many times it is, but i guess the most dangerous situations i’ve been in have always had something to do with climbing steep cliffs and standing on tiny ridges, just because you want that sample right at the top.


  2. Hi iostan,

    Doing fieldwork it is always part of an adventure. Some times you get suprise by wild animals or shepherd dogs that want you out. Other times some angry man try to hit you because he thinks you are stealing something from hsi properties. Other times, you just climb more that you should without any rope, driven by enthusiasm. And the most dangerous of them all, doing fieldwork means a lot of driving in not great roads or dirt tracks.


  3. Hi!
    Daniel’s answer just reminded me of when during fieldwork we ran into a man who started shouting (in a language that we could not understand) at us and threatening us with his barking dogs, just because we wanted to look at some rocks which apparently were to close to his house. He was really really angry, so that was a bit of a tense situation!
    Actually Bas was also there with me on that fieldtrip, so he should know what I’m talking about 😀

    When I was at sea in the North Atlantic we sometimes had pretty bad weather conditions and at one point we barely escaped a massive storm coming in our direction. But I like to think that I was never really in danger there, since we had a really good captain who knew how to keep us safe.


  4. I have had to drive across big rivers in Iceland to get to the different volcanoes. Once my car wasn’t big enough to cross the river and I thought I was going to drown! that was really scary! On the same trip, we found a man on a motorbike who had broken his leg in two places so we had to drive him to hospital. he knew the roads and the rivers very well so he helped us to cross! I feel bad that he hurt himself, but I was very pleased that he was there or I think something terrible might have happened to us!