Question: How can we observe what the surface of the ocean floor looks like when it is so deep ?

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  1. Hi!
    That’s a really good question!
    In parts of the sea floor that are too deep for us to reach, scientists can use some other techniques to help us.
    One example are machines called ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and they are a bit like robots which can be operated by technicians and scientists from a ship. They have a camera, so it is possible to check where they are going and also to use all the images they film to study the marine life.
    They also have some mechanical arms, so they can collect samples which scientists can then analyse in the lab.
    There are also other instruments that can be lowered down from a ship and they measure not only the sea floor, but also the properties of the water down there.
    Another example are sonars, which can also be used to study the sea floor. The waves emitted and registered by the sonar tell us about what can be found deep on the ocean floor.