Question: Hi. This might be a little silly, but since ninety-five per cent of the ocean is unexplored, what's your opinion of mermaids' existence?

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  1. Hi!
    Well, technically you’re right: it’s really hard to prove that something doesn’t exist when we haven’t looked everywhere and demonstrated that they are nowhere to be found.
    And let’s be honest: everybody would love to see a mermaid, right?! It would be great if they actually existed…
    But there are actually some scientific facts suggesting that mermaids couldn’t survive underwater. For example, since they would be partly human, their human part couldn’t really survive in the water that long, in most places, especially as you go a bit deeper, it’s too cold, too wet, etc…they simply wouldn’t survive. Also they would have probably gone extinct by now, as it’s not very clear how they would reproduce.
    But I agree that they represent a really fascinating myth! I love stories about them and The Little Mermaid is actually one of my favourite Disney cartoons (the real story from the book is maybe a little too sad…)


  2. cool question! I think I have to agree with Alice, it would be cool if they were true, but i suspect that they arent. I wonder if they *were* true, would they be nice and friendly like in Disney? or mean like in Harry Potter?