Question: What do you think of today's everyday life of a teenager? Is it easier than it was for you?

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  1. That’s an interesting question…I don’t know, really! Sometimes I think that some things have actually become more complicated compared to when I was a teenager.
    Or for example, I think there were fewer problems related to bullying when I was at school. I think that’s a real problem at the moment.
    On the positive side, I think that as the time passes there are a lot of new inventions that make our life easier.


  2. no way! i think life must be so much harder for teenagers now… (although we are not THAT old…!)

    when we were young, there was no facebook, no twitter, no mobile phones, almost no internet at all! if you wanted to see your friends at the weekend, you had to make a plan a few days before and if you were late you coudlnt text to say you were late! and there was no cyber bullying… bullying is terrible, but people are less likely to be mean to your face than when they can hide behind a computer screen 🙁