Question: Do you think you will succeed recovery Titanic on the ocean floor?

  1. Hi Cristi,

    It looks like the boat is pretty damage by being there for so long. They wanted to try once, but they thought it was too risky because they thought the will break the ship.

    I am not an expert in geo-engineering so I cannot tell you if in the future it will be possible. But for sure it will be very challenging.


  2. It would be really cool to bring up the ship to the surface. But it is very deep to the ocean floor. I’m not sure that there are submarines that can do that deep and are strong enough to lift the ship to the surface. The ship is also broken in half, so maybe it wouldn’t survive being lifted through the water.


  3. Hi Cristi!
    I also think it would be pretty hard to recover the Titanic, especially because the ship is now very old and it would probably be destroyed as they try to lift it. It’s also pretty deep.
    As an example, did you follow the news about the Costa Concordia cruise ship which sunk just off the coast of an island in Italy in 2012? It took them over 2 years to fix it, lift it up and make it float again so that it could be recovered and removed from the sea floor. In this case the ship was still new since it had just sunk and it was in really shallow waters (I think 10-20 meters maximum). This was also incredibly expensive.
    So if you think about the Titanic case and how much more complicated that would be, I think the chances of recovering it may be really low. But it would be amazing if that was possible!