Question: Hello,Bas ! i have a question for you. What made you study the rocks?

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  1. Hi Denisa,

    That’s an easy one…I decided i wanted to study rocks, or actually how the earth and it’s landscapes are formed and keep on changing, because i went on a backpack trip for almost a year. During that year i started to fall in love and got fascinated by all the different landscapes that were around me all the time. I loved to walk around in nature and ask myself all the time: but how did it get formed like this? and why? what kind of processes are behind it? So when i got home after this long trip i decided to quit my study physics and astronomy (what i was doing at that time) and change to earth sciences. The rest is history 😉

    Do you have any idea what you would like to do? study rocks as well, or something completely different? please let me know!