Question: Which is your favourite stone?

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  1. I think my favourite stone is probably opal. Or maybe agata. But there are so many amazing ones that it’s really hard to pick!
    What’s your favourite one?


  2. Hi amg7,

    If I can choose a rock to have in my garden I would choos a kimberlite full of diamond. It will make me rich!! Seriously, my favorite rocks are metamorphic. I like the joke I like gneises because they are the nicest. Which in my case I think is true.


  3. Hi amg7!

    My favourite rocks are sedimentary rocks! Rocks like limestone and sandstone. Limestones can be full of fossils, and sandstones often have amazing structures.

    All the best,


  4. i love all rocks! but especially ones with shiny minerals in them! 😀 i particularly like a Garnet – Mica – Schist! 😀



  1. i dont really know…i love opal too plus quartz…but they are all beutiful in their unique way.