Question: What is the most interesting rock that you have found in spain?

  1. Hi Christina! I have to say, that is quite a difficult question, because by now i have seen many rocks in Spain. However, there is one place which is quite special and where you can also encounter very interesting rocks. Last November I was doing fieldwork on the beach(!) just north of Conil in the South western most part of Spain. Here you have great big cliffs rising up from the beach (one of the pictures on my profile page is from there) where you can look at different layers and take samples. Different layers we found there, were completely full of shells! you could find oysters, clams and a kind of coral, many of them still in one piece, which is quite extraordinary if you imagine that they are around 5 million years old. These rocks I really found amazing, especially because they were so full of shells, and interesting because these shells could tell us something the environment in which they were formed. For example, since we find oysters on the beach and in very shallow waters today, we can assume that it was the same 5 million years ago, so actually there was also beach and sea on that spot so many years ago! I hope you agree with me that that kind of ideas and analyses are quite amazing.

    And what about you? have you ever found or seen a rock that you thought was interesting or amazing?