Question: What is your opinion about the univers? It's in expansion? I think it's just huge and if you go trough space , you will come back in the place you initially was. Can be thistheory a good one?

  1. Hi emilianjon3!

    You’re perfectly right, the universe is huge! And it is expanding. We can observe this for example from red- and blueshift.
    But I fear without any wormhole or so you can’t really just be in the place you initially were… :/

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  2. Well, definitely your theory is good for starting a Sci-fi tale. As a scientific hypothesis seems still not developed enough, and as Andi says, it is difficult that works so nicely as just getting exactly the same starting point.

    But yes, the universe is still expanding and, at least from our point of view is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE! 🙂


  3. Hi!
    When I read your question I was also thinking of a “wormhole” or something like that, like Andi was saying.
    The hypothesis is that wormoholes are like shortcuts through spacetime. Is this the kind of thing you were thinking of? This sounds very fascinating, but we have no scientific proof of this.

    As Andi and Daniel have pointed out, it is true that the universe is indeed expanding (I think Edwin Hubble was the first one to prove this theory in the 1920s) and it’s huge from our point of view, as the Earth is only a minuscule point in it!


  4. I am going to be a bit mean to the others and say that yes, there is no evidence to prove that wormholes exist, but there is also no evidence to prove that they DON’T exist…. the best scientists are the ones who think up the ideas that everyone else thinks are crazy and then try to prove those ideas right or wrong!

    the size of the universe weireds me out a bit! it is just SO big, my brain feels like it turns to jelly whenever i try to think just how big the universe it..!



  1. Great , i hope you will answer me next questions too.


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