Question: Do you belive that dragons and dinosaurs exists in some non-exlored places ?

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  1. Dinosaurs existed. Really. It is not a fairy tale.

    Dragons, on the other hand, are just fancy dinosaurs, that unfortunately for us did not exist. But, scientist are not to kill any fantastic animal, we are just to say they are great pieces of fantasy. We can still let our imaginatin fly…


  2. Hi amg7,

    I don’t think that dinosaurs could have survived such a long time without being noticed. They were pretty big and needed special life habitats (remember that the Earth’s climate was warmer than today). And the shape of the Earth has changed a lot in the last 65+ million years. So no, no hidden dinosaurs to find, I guess.

    And dragons… yes, I think the description of a fancy fantasy dinosaur, insipred by some real-life lizards, saurians and monitors, is a rather good one. 😉

    All the best,


  3. Hi!
    Yes, I agree with the others.
    Dinosaurs existed and we have good evidence about it. We also have pretty good evidence that they went extinct quite a long time ago.
    As far as dragons, I also think that they can only be found in fantasy book and movies…and that’s probably a pretty good thing for our safety, isn’t it?!? (unless you’re thinking more about “How to train your dragon” style of dragons! 😉 )


  4. that would be amazing wouldn’t it if we found the dinosaurs somewhere by accident! 🙂 but unfourtunately i don’t think we will. although, did you know that chickens and crocodiles are decended from dinosaurs?? the tyranosaurus chicken?? 😀

    Did you know there is a dragon on the Welsh flag?? this is the flag for my country and it’s amazing! it has a huge red dragon on it! 😀


  5. We have explored pretty much any part of the earth looking for dinosaurs and haven’t really found any, so unfortunately i’m afraid we can say they are really all gone. However, there are still reptiles alive that were probably living already during the times of the dinosaurs. Take the crocodile for example! maybe it evolved a bit through the years, but a certain type of crocodile was already living in the dinosaur age. Therefore you could say that dinosaurs are still alive! maybe not in such a spectacular way as you hoped for, but still…



  1. I absolutely love the dragon from The Hobbit !