Question: Hi. This might be a bit off-topic, but do you believe in God, nature or yourself?

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  1. Hi again midnightenvy!

    It is a bit off topic but still very relevant i would say. And quite difficult to answer. I think i believe in a mix of all 3 of them actually. In every day life i believe in myself and rely on my own ideas and believes. However I definitely have more faith in nature that in humans. I think nature is something very powerful, controlling most things, and i probably have most faith in that. But, i can’t help thinking that somehow there must be something more, something extra, something also important. You can call it god, or something different, but that extra idea/feeling that you can not grab, i call that god.

    And you, what do you believe in? please let me know!


  2. Hi midnightenvy7,

    I do believe that nature has no will, it is just happen. And I do believe that there is no god. However, the faith is something you may or not have and it does not matter if you keep on respecting people with no or different faiths.

    About my own, I believe that I can do some good things, but I am very aware of my limitations.


  3. Hi!

    Personally, I wasn’t raised in a religious family and I didn’t grow up with strong religious beliefs. However, I’ve always been fascinated by ancient religions where the forces of nature were considered gods and goddesses, mainly because people couldn’t explain those event with anything rational.
    I definitely believe in the power of nature since that’s just in front of our eyes in everything we look at, always ready to sneak in and surprise us!
    I’m fascinated (and sometimes scared!) by how life can survive or originate in unbelievable circumstances or by how easily everything can be destroyed by the fury of natural events right before our eyes. For me that’s the real power of nature and I think that’s the main force that governs the world, the universe, and all the rest.
    I see this in a pretty rational way, but that’s just my own opinion, maybe because of my background. The most important thing is that we should respect what others believe in, even if we don’t agree with it. I can’t tolerate conflicts originated by religious beliefs, just because someone wants to be right and thinks everybody else is wrong. I think they are unacceptable and in most cases we all agree on the same thing, we just explain it in different ways.
    In general I try to believe in myself, but I don’t think any of us alone can really do that much. So I also believe in others a lot and I think human interactions are also something very powerful. Together we can “move mountains” 😉


  4. This is an interesting question!

    For me, I don’t officially believe in any religion. I believe in working hard and being kind to people no matter what they believe or do.

    I hope to understand nature and space and science and think most things can be explained this way. the universe is *so* big, and so many things are happening in it, how could we be the only things alive here? and how can we be have been created by one thing? but sometimes I am intrigued to think about an even bigger picture. may be all religion is true, and maybe it isn’t. I have no idea…!