Question: Do you think the time will discover a method by which the atom to be fragmented into smaller particles by chemical?

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  1. Hi smara14,

    I am not an expert, but chemistry is, basically about atom interactions. Subatomic interactions are pure physics. Chemicals have no influence into the subatomic properties of any atom, so and unless I am not aware of something, atoms cannot break apart by using chemicals.

    However, we break atoms by physical methods. One of the most interesting scientific laboratories on Earth, the CERN, investigates the subatomic world. And thy invented internet as we know now!!


  2. Hi smara14,

    the CERN is a really fascinating place, when it comes to subatomic particles. They have built the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) which is the biggest machine on earth to investigate subatomic particles. The machine is 27 kilometers in diameter!

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  3. Hi Smara,

    Yes, CERN is really a great scientific project. Have you heard of it? What they do is they accelerate atoms, or protons, to almost the speed of light and than let them crash into each other. You can imagine this gives quite a big bang and all these atoms break apart. Then they can study these bits and pieces which make up atoms, to understand the smallest building blocks that make up the entire universe. So only this violent way they can break atoms apart, i also haven’t heard of any chemical yet that can do the same.


  4. the boys seem to have answered the question well before I could! hope their answers helped you smara14! 🙂


  5. Yes, I agree with the guys. Chemical methods can break apart bonds between atoms, but I don’t think they could break apart atoms themselves.
    And the research done at CERN is incredible…some of the most brilliant minds of our time are certainly working there!