Question: Scientists support the idea that the universe appeared because of a high explosion. I do not think this is the training method...everything! Everything is so exactly! Every atom has its own role! If the universe were the result of an explosion, then why would not find creatures half human, half animal? Why the planets were not simply thrown in the universe? Which is the origin of this explosion? What triggered the explosion? what was before it?

  1. Hi mary2002!

    This is a lot of questions most of them great! I am a geoscientist so Big Bang is beyond my area of expertise. However I can help a bit. First we know that the Big Bang happened, because we have seen it!!! It is difficult to believe, but yes, the cosmic rays tell us that it was a Big explosion at the same time that the universe was born. The bad thing is that time started with the universe (at least what we called time). So before our concept of time is very difficult to know what was or happened. The fact that the universe started with an explosion does not mean that is a totally chaotic place. In fact, the Big Bang is also the starting point of all our physical laws, so Big Bang is the origin of Gravity or the second law of thermodynamics!!

    Difficult to get, I know. About the creatures… all living beings are subproducts of the universe, so we reproduce following the universe rules.


  2. This is a very difficult question. The evidence that we have collected suggests that there was a “big bang” that triggered the formation of the universe as we know it. What happened before then, I’m not sure anyone knows, but I wish I did! it drives me mad not to know!

    to answer your other questions about the planets and animals, everything that has happened to create the world you know has happened very very slowly over millions and millions of years. the planets were not made immediately the took time to slowly accumulate and their current locations are a result of where that material came together. For the animals and humans…. living beings have developed over the past 540 million years to the creatures that you see today. There have been lots of creatures that tried and failed to survive, like the dinosaurs, but we succeeded and are still alive today. As we have developed so slowly after the big bang, that’s why there’s no evidence of the species “splicing” that you mentioned!

    I hope that helps? 🙂



  1. Thanks for the reply! I find an interesting topic, but scientists have long work to find out what it was before! This was a very fascinating answer!


  2. Thanks for the reply. It is very annoying that we do not know what happened before that! I hope someone will discover what was before Big Bang!! You helped me a lot!