Question: I want to know why rainbow is formed with only seven colors?

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  1. Hi!
    Rainbows are visible because of the refraction of light coming from the sun in droplets of water suspended in the air. These water drops show us the different colours that form light, each colour is a different wavelength (light is a form of radiation, which can be thought as a wave).
    The human eye can’t see all types of radiation (for example we can’t see ultraviolet or infrared and these are actually also contained in rainbows…we just can’t see them).
    So all the colours that you see in the rainbow are actually infinite, because they are a continuous spectrum of so many shades of colour al slightly different from each other. But normally we distinguish them in those seven main colours that our eyes can see.


  2. Hi Diana,

    take a look at this picture: how many colors do you see? hard to say right? you could say 6-7-10 or an infinite amount. these are the colors of the rainbow, and it’s just a personal matter to say how many colors are in there, but yes, in general they say there are 7 main ones.
    The best way to view a rainbow is to ask your physics teacher if he has a prism (many do) and shine a light through it. what you get is a rainbow! (alternatively you can look at this picture: but to see it for real is a lot more spectacular of course..) In nature a rainbow works the same way, only light is not put through a piece of glass but through water droplets that work the same way. As Ali said, different colors of light have different wavelengths which makes each of them to bend differently when they go through a water droplet. ‘Normal’ white light is made up of all the different colors of the rainbow put together, but if you put white light through a water droplet (or a prism) each color will bend in a different way so they will and up each in a slightly different direction when they leave the water droplet again. That’s why we can see them all separately and next to each other in a rainbow 🙂

    If anything is unclear, let us know!