Question: Do you enjoy scuba diving- does it also count as scientific research?

  1. Hi!
    Yes, I absolutely love scuba diving! It’s definitely one of my favourite things and I wish I could do it more often!
    My favourite places to go scuba diving are in the tropics: the water is really nice and warm and there are so many colourful fish, coral reefs…it’s amazing!
    Almost everybody in my family scuba dives, so I’ve always liked it and got my first certificate when I was 14.
    However, I’ve never done it as part of my research, but mainly because I don’t really study biology. Anyway it definitely counts as scientific research! People need to collect samples to study marine animals and their habitats or sometimes they just need to spend time observing and filming them. Of course they go scuba diving every time they need to do this! In a lot of research institutes you can also volunteer to go scuba diving to help out other colleagues while they are collecting samples or monitoring the habitat (you should never go diving by yourself, that’s not very safe) even if that’s not part of your own research. I’d like to do that some day!