Question: HI :D ,Did you have any accident with a sea creature while scuba diving?

  1. Hi!
    No, luckily I’ve never had any accidents. Actually, most of the times sea creatures are quite scared of us, so they mostly swim away very fast as soon as they see us (even sharks). We must look pretty strange to them!
    The only thing that happened that scared me a bit (it wasn’t dangerous at all, but I got a bit scared anyway) was when I saw a very big moray eel (which looked a bit like a very big marine snake) inside a ship wreck. It was very used to seeing people (the locals had even named her: Camilla!), because that was a famous scuba diving spot, and so she would come very close and bite your pockets to try and open them and see if you had any food inside…I didn’t like that too much! 😀



  1. aaaaa i have heard about Camilla…funny thing i kind of like moray eeles…i don’t know why and there is also that joke
    A:why can’t de a elle and a eagle be toghether?
    B:Because they are elle-eagle *illegal*