Question: What contry you think is the best choice for a resarce?

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  1. Hi florian!

    It depends, the best countries in terms of getting funded to do your research are Norway and Switzerland. But many other countries are good. Some countries are getting better and better.


  2. It also depends on what you want to study or research and also where you would like to live! There is no point studying something boring in a horrible place is there? 🙂


  3. I think there are a lot of good research institutes in a lot of different countries, sometimes some of them are just more famous than others. And Rhian is absolutely right, it depends a lot on what exactly you want to study/research.
    I have been enjoying doing research in the United Kingdom a lot, but that’s only an example.
    I think it’s also very good to get experience in more than one place. That will teach you a lot and many different things.