Question: Hi. Studio Ghibli or Disney? What's your favorite one and why ?

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  1. Hi!
    I think I have to say Disney, because those are the cartoons I grew up with. There are so many that I used to love so much and I have watched tens of times.
    But I have also watched some of the Studio Ghibli animations and like them. I think my favourite one was My Neighbor Totoro.
    What about you?


  2. Hi midnightenvy7,

    I think it depends a lot. Several of my favourite films ever are Pixar-Dysney, I like, very very much Toy Story 3 and Wall E. But Mononoke no Hime and Sen to Chihiro are with no doubt masterpieces of cienema. Sorry but I think I cannot choose!


  3. disney for sure! 🙂

    little mermaid…. aladdin…. beauty and the beast… frozen.. brave… 😀