Question: How would you imagine Atantis if it would be descoverd?Would you think it would be similar to the one from the movie "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" made my Disney?

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  1. Hi amg7,

    Well, in the case that there is a continent or city under the sea, It would be probably less imaginative than Atlantis or the Little Mermaid. In the end, our imagination is way beyond reality.


  2. I haven’t seen that movie! Is it good??

    I hope that if we ever found Atlantis, we would find some amazing things! maybe lost treasures and ideas that prove how advanced the Atlantians were?

    There is a similar story in Wales to Atlantis… there is a town called Cantre’r Gwaelod that is under the sea in West Wales. There were big walls and gates to keep the water out, but one night the watchman had too much to drink and forgot to shut the door and so the whole town drowned and was never found again! but if you listen carefully at night, you can still hear the bells of the church singing under the sea! 🙂


  3. Hi!
    Apparently there are quite a few submerged cities around the world! Maybe not completely mysterious and in the very deep ocean, but they’re still underwater cities.
    I’ve read that there’s one in China called Lion City and it was submerged when they flooded the area to build a new dam. They have even built a submarine to bring tourists down there to visit it!
    If someone discovered a mythical submerged city like Atlantis they would probably try to do the same with it and turn it into a tourist attraction…
    I also haven’t seen the movie, so I’m not sure how I would imagine it to be…maybe a bit like the ruins of Pompei (in Italy) but underwater?



  1. There will be much more…the movie is amazing even that it is a animation :)))