Question: What happens in the Bermuda Triangle?


  1. Hi smara14!

    Lots of theories have been posted on the Bermuda Triangle. I think that there are two things behind that story.

    What makes this Bermuda Triangle mysterious is that lots of people just look for some sunken ships somewhere in the area and do not really check why the ship sunk, and just say it was because of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

    When you check the stories of the ships, you find out that for example some were overloaded. They just sank because they were to heavy!

    But it is also a fact that some ships have disappeared and people do not really know why. A possible explanation could be large amounts of gas hydrates below the sea. Methane gas gets released there from time to time, which is called a blowout. (Looks similar to opening a sparkling water bottle after shaking.) Gas bubbles that rise from the bottom of the sea to the surface decrease the density of the water and ships can not swim anymore and sink.

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  2. I agree with Andi’s answer! It was a good question!


  3. Hi!
    Andi has already given you a great answer.
    Apparently this area has also been called the Devil’s Triangle!
    There are a lot of stories about this region and a lot of them are clearly linked to legends, a lot of them about paranormal and/or extraterrestrial activity.
    The gas explosion theories that Andi was referring to are quite recent and maybe more realistic. I think they are connected to some mysterious craters that appeared in Siberia, which scientists could actually study and link to the activity happening in the Bermuda Triangle. In both cases these would be underground gas explosions.
    This would be a really interesting mystery to solve!



  1. Do you mean Bermuda triangle is just a legend then?


  2. Lots of mysterious stories are told. And additionally, I read that the number of sunken ships is not significantly higher than in simliar areas around the world. So it would be a legend then, I guess.


  3. But aircraft disappear in that area?


  4. Strange things do happen in the Bermuda Triangle, but many scientists have studied the area to see if there are explanations for the planes and ships that disappear. Most of those have straightforward and boring explanations (as Andi said in his answer). The issue is that lots of people know about the Bermuda Triangle and so lots of stories have developed with people trying to explain things through stories. But most of these aren’t true unfortunately 🙁