Question: I have a theory about Bermudas triangle: In that area there are some magnetic forces which determines such many disasters. It's my hypotenuse right?

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  1. Hi!
    We’ve talked quite a bit about the Bermuda Triangle here: if you want to read about it.
    The thing is that we really don’t know exactly what’s going on there at the moment. One of the newest hypotheses that scientists have is about gas explosions happening below the seafloor…but that hasn’t been proven yet, like other possible ones.
    That’s what makes that area so mysterious!


  2. Here is what I answerd in the other thread:

    Lots of theories have been posted on the Bermuda Triangle. I think that there are two things behind that story.

    What makes this Bermuda Triangle mysterious is that lots of people just look for some sunken ships somewhere in the area and do not really check why the ship sunk, and just say it was because of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

    When you check the stories of the ships, you find out that for example some were overloaded. They just sank because they were to heavy!

    But it is also a fact that some ships have disappeared and people do not really know why. A possible explanation could be large amounts of gas hydrates below the sea. Methane gas gets released there from time to time, which is called a blowout. (Looks similar to opening a sparkling water bottle after shaking.) Gas bubbles that rise from the bottom of the sea to the surface decrease the density of the water and ships can not swim anymore and sink.

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  1. ok but how does gas explosions influence planes , because the planes are in the aer not on earth or sea like boats


  2. That’s a good point!
    So the theory behind it is that the methane hydrates are in fact hundreds of meters below the ocean floor in Bermuda Triangle and there is methane gas remain trapped in them. However, when they start releasing large amounts of methane gas into the ocean, this can significantly warm up the water. And this is the main problem for ships which would then sink (because of the reduced buoyancy of that body of water, which lets them float over it).
    The other thing that would happen is that the air above the water would also gets saturated with methane gas, so much that it can create strong turbulences in the atmosphere. This is what would cause airplanes to crash.
    So this is one of the current theories. It makes sense, it’s technically possible, but there is still no real proof for it.