Rhian Meara

Photo: Rhian

Me and my Work: Teaching, teaching, teaching, and sometimes a bit of research!

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Daniel Pastor-Galán

Photo: Daniel

Me and my Work: Pangaea, the greatest of the continents formed about 300 million years ago, why? how? This is what I try to discover!


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Bas van den Berg

Photo: Bas

Me and my Work: I am looking at rocks taken from 300 meters underground in the Southwest of Spain to figure out how, six million years ago, a change in climate and in water flow between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea caused a huge layer of salt of 1 km thick.

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Andreas Rudersdorf

Photo: Andi

Me and my Work: I’m trying to understand the earthquake history of an oasis in the Gobi Desert.

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Alice Marzocchi

Photo: Alice

Me and my Work: I make computer simulations of the Earth’s climate, to study how it works today and how similar or different it was millions of years ago. Then I combine this with the data that we collect in the field.

Status: Goodbye and thanks everyone! It's been great fun!

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