Question: Did you think of a name for your future company?

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  1. Hi amg7,

    Wow, it’s pretty stupid, but i have never really given that a thought. It probably also depends what would become my specialty. I’m afraid i would not get any further that ‘van den Berg eco-advice’ or something boring like that. If you think you can come up with something better than that (and you probably can..) please let me know!




  1. How about BAB, Bas Advices for Bosses….maybe you can put a dollar sign on bo$$ 😀


    • Hahaha I like that one! maybe the dollar signs would give the impression that i am really expensive, which of course i’m not 😉 but the BAB I will definitely keep in mind! In the end it is of course the Bosses i want to reach with my advice and they should now that right away 🙂