Question: Why is it so hard to find a suitable planet for colonization ?

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  1. Hi mada06,

    Because all the planets are very far away!! The only planet that we really know “well” is Mars. Imagine trying to know something from planets that are around other stars. We can only infer some data from physics, like density. size, distance to the star… but we cannot know if they have a toxic atmosphere or not or if they have water…


  2. Hi!
    I agree with Daniel, the main issue is the fact that all the other planets are so far away that we can’t really explore much of the space with the current technology we have. It simply takes to long…getting to some of them might take years and way too much fuel would be necessary.
    The other problem is the fact that the conditions that allowed the development of life on Earth are pretty special. It took a long time and there are a series of conditions that humans need to survive. Finding all of them on one planet is apparently not so easy, at least for planets in the solar systems. It may be possible on others, but maybe we’ll never know because we can’t get there…


  3. I agree with Daniel and Alice….

    firstly, everything is so far away that it’s not easy to get there to investigate. but mostly, we need a very specific set of conditions for us to survive: we need light, heat, water, food… we need to find either a planet that can give us these things or we need to be able to create them all for ourselves when we get there.

    where would you like to move to if you could?