Question: Which was the most dangerous volcanic eruption ever ?

  1. Hi malina2504,

    there is a theory about the Lake Toba eruption about 70,000 years ago. It is assumed that it was the most dangerous volcanic eruption and that only 3,000 humans have survived the catastrophe.

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  2. Andi is right, I think the Toba eruption was the biggest! It happened in Indonesia about 77,000 years ago and there is still a big layer of ash that you can see almost the whole way around the world that came from this eruption! It caused the entire climate of the Earth to change for 1,000 years after the eruption! It also killed off almost all humans, scientists believe that only about 3,000 – 10,000 people survived the eruption across the whole world and that we are all descended from these survivors! how cool is that?!