Question: Where would you choose to live between Hogwarts(Harry Potter movies), Middle-earth (Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) and District 12( Hunger Games)?

  1. Hi there!

    Although I really like the beautiful landscape of the Hogward Express (it’s called West Highland Express in reality) and I fancy a trip to Scotland, I would maybe choose New Zealand to live. Its nature is just soooo stunning. Definetively no grey District 12 with lots of political and personal dangers…

    Al the best,


  2. Hi!
    I think going to school at Hogwarts would be the coolest idea ever! I’d quite like to learn some magic tricks 😉
    So I think that wins over Middle Earth and the hobbits for me, despite the beautiful landscapes. And definitely not District 12…also wouldn’t want to risk ending up in a Hunger Game as I probably wouldn’t last longer than 5 seconds…


  3. WOW! that is a HARD question!

    well, definitely not district 12 as that is not a very good place to be (**spoiler**) also it doesn’t even really exist anymore since president snow set the place on fire!

    Hogwarts would be really cool! but I am maybe a little bit too old to go to hogwarts, unless i’m a teacher? 🙂

    i think I would like to live in middle earth. the place is amazing with so many cool creatures and magic! although sauron is really evil and the orcs are scary!

    where would you like to live?


  4. Middle Earth. period. I really liked those Lord of the Ring movies, especially because the landscapes where amazing. Most of it was shot in New Zealand and I’m lucky enough to have traveled there once to see the landscapes for myself. They are just as beautiful as in the movie 🙂


  5. Hi catalina99,

    I guess Hogwarts sounds like less dangerous in general. District 12 is like a place that I would avoid always. And Middle Earth, well, if I can choos being a Dwarf, yes.