Question: Imagine that you could dig deep down into the ground until you get to the center of the earth. Will you come out on the other side upside down?

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  1. Hi!
    Well, that’s an interesting thought! I’m pretty sure they’ve done something like that in a movie called “The core” or something similar!? 😀
    Anyway first of all I guess you would still need to keep digging from the center of the Earth to the other size (for as long as you have already been digging, the length of the Earth’s radius), but then I think you still wouldn’t come out upside down since because of gravity, so everything should still feel the same way around.


  2. this is an EXCELLENT question!

    when i was a child, I asked my dad the exact same question! so he sent me out into the garden with a shovel and told me to dig until I reached Australia 😀
    i got bored after about 20 minutes so I never really made it that far, but my dad kept the hole in the garden anyway so he could tease me about it!

    I think *if* you could dig all the way through the earth, then technically yes, you would come out upside down. but, you wouldn’t think that you were upside down because you would still be standing upright..!

    but to be a bit of a party pooper, i don;t htink you could dig all the way to the other side of the world, as it’s a really long way, plus you would need a HUGE hole, and really you would probably get a few km’s at most before you melted with the heat 🙁