Question: Do you think the universe is compressing ,and in one day will disappear? Pollution can be one of the reasons?

  1. Hi mary2002,

    We know that the universe is expanding, not contracting.

    Pollution is a big problem for the Earth, humanity and all the living beings inhabiting our planet. And we must pay a lot of attention to it. But, it affects only to our planet. Let’s say that the universe is too busy moving galaxies to pay attention to our pollution. So not, pollution cannot change the universe fate.


  2. Hi mary2002,

    Daniel is right. Although the pollution is really hard to deal with and puts our society in danger, the processes of the universe are so incredibly bigger and stronger that pollution doesn’t do anything there.

    That’s maybe the only positive thing you can say about pollution! 😉

    All the best,


  3. The universe is definitely expanding at the moment, but in the really far future it may start to compress for sure! I have read that this is how the big bang happened, everything compressed until it was too small and exploded/imploded and then everythign began to expand again to for our current universe! maybe there is a big cycle of compression and expansion?

    But I do agree with Daniel and Andi, the pollution on earth is terrible, but so far it doesn’t effect the universe. maybe if we start to explore further out into the universe we will take our pollution with us and cause damage out there too??


  4. Hi!
    The others have already covered all the main points, especially about expansion and compression of the universe.
    Another interesting thing is the fact that we are actually polluting the space, too! There is quite a lot of space waste flying around and it comes from pieces of satellites, rockets, batteries and several things that might break and become unattached from what we send into space.
    But I agree that these are not really influencing the universe as they are not big enough and they can’t interact with the much bigger processes going on.
    Or at least we think so. It’s still probably a good idea not to use the space as or garbage dumping ground! Pollution is already a big enough problem on our planet…