Question: Are there other universes?

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  1. Hi araad1,

    This is a really nice question. But The answer is we do not know, and even worse, probably we are not going to know. Our observations ends where our universe ends, and beyond we cannot see.


  2. Hi!
    I’m really not an expert in this, but there are recent theories by cosmologists saying that the universe that we experience is just one of many others, some of them are almost identical to ours and some others are completely different.
    So yes, some scientists really believe that they do exist. This would actually explain some of the irregularities found in quantum mechanics. But for now, this can’t be proved.


  3. I hope so! 🙂

    i have no idea if there really are or not, but I am fascinated by space and how big it is. so I like to think that maybe there are parallell universes with other versions of me! 🙂 maybe in another universe i am tall! 😀 or one where i am good at maths! 😀