Question: Who is your favourite scientist ? Why ?

  1. It’s really hard to pick one! So many brilliant minds…
    Maybe Marie Curie, because she was such an amazing strong woman who did really great and brave things and very important discoveries.
    But also when I was in school I was really fascinated by the theories about speciation and inheritance by Gregor Mendel, which basically founded the modern science of genetics.
    And who’s your favourite scientist?


  2. For me, it is a man called Pete Kokelaar from Liverpool University! 🙂

    he was my examiner for my PhD and he passed me so he will always be my favourite! 😀 but also, being more serious, he is an excellent volcanologist from Wales and I met him when I was studying. He was very friendly and encouraged me to follow my dreams and this is something i think is very important in scientists! this is why we do outreach! 🙂


  3. It is difficult to choose one!!

    I like Marie Curie too. I think she was a very brave woman fighting in a men world. She owns two Nobel prices, in Physics and in Chemistry. If she would have living in a more equal world she would be considered among the top 3 scientist ever. But as she was born in this world, she is only famous.