Question: What do you think about Stephen Hawking's theory about the beginning of the universe? Do you think is possible universe appeared because of the universe of a black hole? Do you think it will end through a black hole?compression?

  1. Hi!
    I’m afraid I don’t know enough about this topic to really say that I think if this is possible or not. We need to ask a particle physicist or someone like that! But I do think that this is a really fascinating theory.
    Stephen Hawking is a brilliant mind and a great scientist (have you seen the movie about his life? I have and I really enjoyed it!) so I’m sure he has good reasons to believe in his theory. But maybe some day another scientist will prove that it’s wrong or change it a bit…who knows…that’s how science works: we’re always trying to improve our understanding of things.


  2. I agree with Alice! I am fascinated by physics and space, but it’s not something I have studied in detail so I cannot say whether it is true or not. Stephen Hawkin is an amazing scientist though so I think he is probably right! 🙂



  1. I saw the film and I enjoyed it too! I want reed his books! Is an amazing person who have an amazing mind! 🙂