Question: Do you like wearing elegant clothes?I assume that you like comfortable clother suitable for any tipe of work

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  1. I do like wearing elegant clothes sometimes, like a dress and shoes with high heels (although I find them very uncomfortable, so after a while I end up barefoot because I can’t walk on them anymore!). Or if you have an important meeting or a job interview, that’s also when I like wearing elegant clothes (even if I also find shirts quite uncomfortable!).
    When I’m at the office I like wearing comfortable clothes for sure and especially if you’re doing fieldwork, you definitely want to wear comfortable clothes and good mountain boots, also for safety reasons.


  2. i am definitely a jeans and a jumper kind of person. But sometimes i do like to wear smart clothes or dresses. especially if you have been away on field work for weeks, then you can’t wait to wash your hair and wear clean elegant clothes! 🙂



  1. For me some jeans ,boots and a hoodie are the perfect choice <3