Question: My question is : Is the Moon a piece of our planet?

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  1. Hi denisa123,

    It is not totally sure, but most of the studies done on the topic point towards what you mention: the Moon seems to be a part of our planet. It is not clear how was formed, but some studies suggest that the a very big asteroid impact separated a big piece of the proto-Earth into the Moon and the actual Earth.


  2. I agree with Daniel on this answer!

    The most recent explanation is that the Earth was hit by something big when it was forming and this knocked a big piece off the earth and into space. the bit that was knocked off then became the moon and didn’t escape as the Earth’s graivitational feed kept it trapped.


  3. Hi!
    I also agree with Daniel and Rhian. The theory that says the Moon is a piece of our planet is not completely proved, but it seems very likely.
    Scientists have actually analysed the geochemistry of some rocks that have been collected on the Moon and realised that their composition was extremely similar. This is why we think that the Moon is a piece of our planet…or at least part of it is.
    Scientists think that the asteroid that hit the Earth and broke off the piece which than originated the Moon was huge! As big as Mars (which is about half the size of the Earth).



  1. Thanks everyone for ours answers !! 🙂