Question: It is possible to live after a black hole draws you into it (?) and then you enter a parallel universe with memories and semnals where you can communicate by gravity with people on Earth through the so-called gravitational anomalies?

  1. wow! that is an intense question!

    i think the answer is unfortunately no. My understanding is that once you have been sucked into a black hole, you cannot remain in your human form as it is torn apart – even light is torn apart. But then again, I have never been in a black hole so maybe i am wrong! It sounds like a good movie plot anyway!


  2. Hi!
    I’m definitely not an expert on this, we’d probably need to ask Stephen Hawking! But as far as I know, nothing can escape a black hole (not even light) because of its very powerful gravitational force that pulls everything close to it inside. So I guess that even if something could escape, that wouldn’t be in its original form.